Rocking Body Outdoor Boot Camp

Our cardio, strength and conditioning program

Do you want to increase your fitness & strength in a body positive, encouraging, and fun atmosphere?

Smashing Summer Outdoor Boot Camp. Starts 1st Feb 2022


Want to increase core and upper body strength?


Do you want to spend more time outdoors this Summer?


Do you feel like you need a kick start to increase fitness?


Do you need a fun and motivating environment to get moving?

This is a cardio and strength and conditioning program designed for outdoor exercise by Ascent Fitness – your outdoor exercise specialists.

There are 10×60 minute sessions with a focus on participation in a body-positive, encouraging and fun atmosphere.

Sessions are 6.30pm-7.30pm each Tuesday from 1st Feb to 5th April 2022 for ten sessions.

Our sessions cater for a wide range of fitness. By a certain age, “life” has happened to your body, and we can manage that, too!

Each session takes place at a different location and we use whatever is there for your workout including wet weather outdoor options.

Who is leading this program?

John Ralph is the owner of Ascent Fitness and leads walking fitness programs in urban, trail and mountain environments. Outdoor Boot Camp is our ‘non-walking’ program where you can still enjoy the outdoors. John has had great success in encouraging participants to become fitter for life.

With Rocking Body Boot Camp – Smashing Summer edition you will be exercising at your own level under the eye of a qualified personal trainer with vast amounts of experience.

Why Should I Join?

First of all, this program is loaded with fun.  It increases your core and upper body strength but doesn’t neglect your legs!

Inclusive and body positive, if your body has its own ‘do’s and dont’s’, we can absolutely accommodate that too.

Having fun getting fit with an encouraging group around you is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. The real question is “Why shouldn’t I join?”.

Your Smashing Summer Rocking Body Outdoor Boot Camp is ready for you! Register below, or contact John with any questions.

Key Dates

Each Tuesday from 1st February 2022 for 10 sessions.
Your last Tuesday Evening Boot Camp Session is on 5th April 2022. Each session is from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Smashing Summer Rocking Body Boot Camp sessions are held in different outdoor locations around Launceston each Tuesday evening for 10 sessions.

I’m in! What does it cost?

The full program fee is $195 payable with registration.

Complete the registration form with your payment below to secure your spot in Smashing Summer Outdoor Boot Camp.

What do I need to know?

To keep the group updated, we communicate via a private Facebook group, especially for Rocking Body Outdoor Boot Camp. Don’t use Facebook? No problems! We’ll keep you in touch another way.

All you need to bring is an exercise mat and water.  Be ready to be challenged!

Register for Outdoor Boot Camp Here:

We can’t wait to help you get moving and increase your fitness

Register below to secure your spot and make payment.
Please call John on 0409 412 590 if you have any questions.

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