Join us on our Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Walking Tour

A great way to see some local sights.

Increase your fitness and learn about some local history.

A Walking Adventure
29th Jan 2022


Do you enjoy walking and being out in nature?


Are you keen to improve your walking fitness?


Do you enjoy discovering local history?


Are you keen for a great day out?

The Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers are a unique piece of local history and the four semaphore towers have been lovingly restored.

Ascent Fitness’ day walking experience mixes fitness, fun, a few local facts, and enables you to visit each of the 4 Semaphore Towers.

A combination of walking and driving, the day can include walking distances ranging from 4km to 20km.

On Saturday 29th January 2022 there will be a splash of fascinating local history to go with this multi-stage day walk.

Starting at 7.30am from outside the Gunners Arms near City Park in Launceston.  The day includes a short, spirited walk to the Windmill Hill Semaphore Tower, catching some local facts along the way.  Then it’s into cars, a brief stop at the site of the former Queens Wharf before heading towards the Semaphore Towers at Mt Direction, Mt George and Low Head.

All going to plan, we’ll have this walking tour bagged by approximately 4.30pm when it will be high time for coffee!

Who is leading this program?

John Ralph is the owner of Ascent Fitness and leads walking fitness programs in urban, trail and mountain environments. Whether getting ready for distance walking events, pacing out some trail running routes, or just enjoying walking outdoors more, John has had great success in encouraging walkers to become fitter for life, more skilled for staying safe in the outdoors and more confident in the next adventure of their own.

With Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk you will enjoy getting fitter and gain more appreciation of local walks and history highlights!

What is a Semaphore?

A Semaphore Tower can send messages by holding the arms in certain positions according to an alphabet code.  When used in a series of semaphore towers from hill top to hill top, messages can be sent across long distances quite quickly.

At 70km in length kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary is the longest navigable estuary in Australia and, before the invention of the telegraph, Launceston was already a busy trading port.

The Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers were active from 1835 – 1858 and communicated to the Port Office in Launceston when ships were approaching Low Head.  They could convey a great deal of information including the name of the ship, what was on board, whether the crew and passengers were unwell or whether there were dignitaries on board.

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Date & Time

29th January 2022 for an invigorating day walk.

Our meeting/starting point for the walk is outside the Gunners Arms for a 7.30am start.

All going to plan we will have this walking tour done by 4.30pm

Please note: This walking tour includes sections of rough and uneven ground, stairs and steep inclines. Please consult your GP if you are unsure as to your suitability for this exercise.

I’m in! What does it cost?

The Walking Tour for the day is just $95 per adult and $15 per accompanying child.

Complete the registration form with your payment below to secure your spot in our next Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk.

What else do I need to know?

As food and transport is BYO, cost of the session is just $95 per adult and $15 per accompanying child. Lunch can be a BYO picnic by the water or from a local eatery. To help make the end of the day go smoothly, we ask the participants to help out with a ‘car shuffle’ between George Town and Low Head Lighthouse.  Because of the world we live in at present, face masks will be required for the car pooling.

For the full walking options to see all of the Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers, you will need to be ready for three short, steep hilly walks and a 10km flat coastal walk across this 8 hour fitness experience! Don’t want to walk to see them all?  No problem! There are some extra driving options if you would rather not walk the entire program.

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Get ready for a great adventure to remember

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