Ready to Conquer the LUFT?

The Launceston Urban Fringe Trail is waiting for you!

It’s a classic – 10 sessions at approx 10km per session.

Starts 23rd April 2022


Do you enjoy walking and being out in nature?


Are you keen to improve your walking fitness?


Want to keep active over Winter?


Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills to help you be more confident in the outdoors?


Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills to help you be more confident in the outdoors?

Personal trainer, Dr John Ralph, from Ascent Fitness created the 102km LUFT course and has complted the entire course 20 times, including three times non-stop!

Who better to guide you on your LUFT adventure?

The LUFT is Australia’s largest urban walking circuit, yet at the same time, you are never more than 14km from Launceston’s town clock. Even born and bred locals are really surprised at the variety of walking environments we go through on this circuit around Greater Launceston.

Starting at the flat sections of the course and finishing with the hardest sections, you will walk yourself into fitness as you go along each week. You will be walking through areas of Launceston that you didn’t even know existed. What is there not to like?!

Each session of the LUFT covers approximately 10 km. Sessions 1-8 take about 2 hours.

Sessions 9-10 from 2.5 to 3 hours due to the terrain.

Who is leading this program?

John Ralph is the owner of Ascent Fitness and leads walking fitness programs in urban, trail and mountain environments. Whether getting ready for distance walking events, pacing out some trail running routes, or just enjoying walking outdoors more, John has had great success in encouraging walkers to become fitter for life, more skilled for staying safe in the outdoors and more confident in the next adventure of their own.


More LUFT Info

The participants are asked to assist with transportation during the LUFT. Prior to the session, vehicles are left at the end point. The group completes the session and are driven back to the start point. Each session commences where the previous session ended.

Did you know that there is also a 94km fully wheelchair accessible version of the LUFT? John also offers private wheelchair LUFT sessions. Contact him for more info!

It’ time to commit! Registration is easy – see below, or contact John with any questions.

Key Dates

Each Saturday morning from 23rd April 2022 for 10 sessions.
Your last Saturday LUFT adventure is 25th June 2022.

Each session is from 7.30am – 9.30am
with the last 2 sessions finishing 1/2 hr to 1 hr later.

Please allow time to travel back to the start point, and our last session finishes with a fantastic brunch out together after our 3 hour hike challenge.

Please note: The LUFT training program includes extended periods of exercise and on uneven ground.  Please consult your GP if you are unsure as to your suitability for this exercise.

I’m in! What does it cost?

The full program fee covering all 10 sessions is $799 payable with registration.

Complete the registration form with your payment below to commit to fitness and secure your spot in the next LUFT training program.

What happens after I’ve registered?

You’ll receive a welcome email and we’ll get in touch with you closer to the start time to confirm start point details and let you know what you’ll need.

LUFT Launceston Urban Fringe Trail

Register for the next LUFT adventure Here:

We can’t wait to help get you achieve greater fitness over the next few months.

Register below to secure your spot and make payment.
Please call John on 0409 412 590 if you have any questions.

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