10 Week LUFT

Training Program


Launceston Urban Fringe Trail

Come and Walk the LUFT with us!

You can’t beat a classic and this 10-week, 10km per session program is where the Launceston Urban Fringe Trail (LUFT) was born.

At 102km, the LUFT is Australia’s largest urban walking circuit, yet at the same time, you are never more than 14km from Launceston’s town clock. Even born and bred locals are really surprised at the variety of walking environments we go through on this circuit around Greater Launceston.

Starting at the flat sections of the course and finishing with the hardest sections, you will walk yourself into fitness as you go along each week. You will be walking through areas of Launceston that you didn’t even know existed. What is there not to like?!

The LUFT Program

Seasonal Session Times

  • Saturday mornings during Winter
  • Friday evenings during Late Spring/Early Summer
  • The LUFT program is open for private groups. Contact me to enquire and book session times.

Session Maps

Download as GPX Files

See where each session is located, plus download maps for your easy reference.

    To enable each session to run smoothly, participants are asked to consider volunteering to share with the car shuffling, so that cars are at the end point when each session finishes. This allows each session of the LUFT program to start where the previous week ended. 

    By the time 10 sessions are up, everyone has helped share the load and we’ve gotten to know each other (and their cars!) a little bit better. 

    What to Expect

    • The perfect program for returning to fitness or keep active during Tassie’s colder months
    • Over 10 weekly sessions, participants will walk the 102km LUFT
    • This is a great walk for recent arrivals to the area and long-time residents alike to get to know the area.

    your Interest

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    How much time does it take?
    Each session of  the LUFT covers approximately 10 km. Sessions 1-7 take about 2 hours. 
    Sessions 8-10 from 2.5 to 3 hours due to the terrain.  
    How are the participants transported?
    The participants are asked to assist with transportation during the LUFT. Prior to the session, vehicles are left at the end point. The group completes the session and are driven back to the start point. Each session commences where the previous session ended.
    I have an injury, can I still join?
    You certainly can!  Any advice from your GP or Physio is always helpful. If you’re not sure where your fitness levels are at, contact John from Ascent Fitness and make a booking for a 1-on-1 walking fitness test.
    I am pregnant. Is this walk suitable for me?
    Generally, walking is OK during pregnancy.  However, we ask that you come with specific advice from your GP or Obstetrician on what is appropriate for you.

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