Fitness Tests for Walking & Wheels

A Great Place to Start

Ready to get Started?

But unsure how to start?

Are you keen to get fit but don’t know where to start? Are you not ready to join a group activity but still want to get started without any extra equipment?

Our Walking Fitness Test is a great place to start.

After completing Ascent Fitness’ 3.9km Walking Fitness Test course, we will know a lot about where your fitness, recovery and balance is at right now, and what your next fitness goal might be.

This is a Fitness Test with a difference: we set the course and you set the pace. How long it takes to complete is however long you take. John will be with you every step of the way. At the very least, you will have learned a new walking circuit that is fun to do again and again.

Booking a Walking Fitness Test is simple. Contact John via the form below, or ring on 0409 412 590 to set a time and date to meet for the test. The Ascent Fitness Walking Test is $40 and steps off from Park Street (near Launceston College).


How much time does it take?

The speed we walk is set by you.  Times to complete the 3.9km course have ranged from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.  Once we have completed the course, we’ll review what your fitness test showed and the where to from here.

I had an injury, can I still take the test?
You can, but we’ll talk about the injury you have before we step off.
I am pregnant, is this activity suitable for me?
Consult your GP and/or Ob/Gyn as to what activities are suitable for you, then let John know before your first session. Keep him updated as your pregnancy progresses.

Walking Fitness Test Registration:

Register here and John will be in touch soon

Register here for your Walking Fitness Test.  John will get back to you to make a time to meet up.  Be prepared for a fun, but informative session!

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