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2022 Program Calendar


28th Jan Trail Adventures – Summer, Friday

29th Jan Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk – Summer [Completed]

1st Feb Rocking Body Outdoor Boot Camp – Summer

Starting 1st & 2nd March – Autumn Weekly Walking Groups

2nd Apr Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk – Autumn

19th Apr Rocking Body Boot Camp – Autumn

23rd Apr LUFT – Winter

30th Apr 5 Trigs – One Day

21st May Bushwalking and Mountaineering

28th June Rocking Body Boot Camp – Winter – Revised Sessions

3rd Sep Trail Adventures – Spring – Register Interest

5th, 6th, & 7th September Weekly Walking Groups – Spring – Register Interest

6th Sep Rocking Body Boot Camp – Spring – Register Interest

7th Oct LUFT – Spring, Friday – Register Interest

6th Nov Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk – Spring – Register Interest

12th Nov Bushwalking & Mountaineering – Register Interest

15th Nov Rocking Body Extra Boot Camp – Register Interest

John Ralph – Helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Join us and enjoy the many benefits of walking with Ascent Fitness, including:

  • Improve your walking fitness
  • Exercise with a minimum of preparation time. We plan everything for you.
  • Have your horizons broadened on what walking for fitness is about. Take these skills with you anywhere on walks around the world.
  • Walk in safety with like-minded people, to places you would not go to by yourself.
  • Optionally train for and participate in distance walking events like the Point to Pinnacle or the Three Capes Track – great challenges and camaraderie for all!

See the fitness options that Ascent Fitness offers below.

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Preparing for a workplace fitness test, getting back into shape after baby, keeping up with growing kids, getting around in a wheelchair…

Each have their own challenges requiring individual solutions. What’s yours?

Find your tailored solution here

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Our very own fitness circuits for feet and for wheels

from 5km to 102km we have got your next challenge right.

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Tamar Valley Semaphore Towers Day Walk

Bushwalking & Mountaineering

LUFT Walking Program

Trail Adventures

5 Trigs Walking Circuit




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