Weekly Walking Groups

Return to Fitness / Hills & Thrills


Weekly  Walking Groups


Come rain, hail or shine (but cancelled for lightning!), Ascent Fitness has two 60-minute advanced walking group sessions each week in Launceston.

Our Return to Fitness program is on Monday’s at 8am.  This is designed to get you moving!

For the more advanced, Hills and Thrills steps off every Tuesday mornings at 6 am, and every Wednesday evening at 6pm to get you over the peak of the week.

A new start point in the greater Launceston area each session keeps things fresh and you will definitely find yourself in places you did not know existed. What a way to get to know your own back yard, while walking for fitness!

Looking for a fun and empowering way to get or remain fit?

Return to Fitness

Monday Mornings 8am

When you are just getting back into fitness, a walking fitness program is a gentle, simple but very effective way to get yourself back into full swing.

Hills & Thrills

Tuesday Mornings 6am

Wednesday Evenings 6pm

Be prepared for brisk walking! This is your Advanced Walking Fitness Group.

The walks are circuits and are timed strictly to be back at the start at the 1-hour mark (more so with morning sessions), and we have ways of keeping everyone moving in the group without leaving anyone behind! With an unsurpassed knowledge of the greater Launceston area on foot, a wide range of fitness levels can be catered for in the one walking group.

If you’re not sure where your fitness levels are at, contact John from Ascent Fitness here and make a booking for a 1-on-1 walking fitness test.

Getting Started

To know where we start from (each week is a different place) join this group. It’s FREE! Weekly Walking Group Sessions Info Page on Facebook.

Register for the next Program

Sign up for a season at a time.  See which dates are available for sign-up now.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


How much time does it take?

60 minutes from start to finish.

I had an injury, can I still join?

You certainly can!  Any advice from your GP or Physio is always helpful. If you’re not sure where your fitness levels are at, contact John from Ascent Fitness and make a booking for a 1-on-1 walking fitness test.

I am pregnant. Is this walk suitable for me?

Generally, walking is OK during pregnancy.  However, we ask that you come with specific advice from your GP or Obstetrician on what is appropriate for you.

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