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If you use a manual wheelchair to help you get around, you know that being able to move your chair in a variety of settings is a vital factor in being able to get around.

Multiple transfers to and from vehicles in a day can be draining and there are times when streets and paths just haven’t been designed with wheelchairs in mind. If you’ve been looking for an exercise program that addresses these issues, you are in the right place!

With the assistance of Wheelchair Users, Ascent Fitness has developed Wheelie Workouts, a wide range of chair-accessible urban and trail cardio and strength exercise sessions with you in mind.

From a flat spin around contemporary paths, unsealed trails, right up to the 94km all-accessible Launceston Urban Fringe Trail for Wheels, we can build your strength and cardio fitness from the chair up. With the help of our experienced Wheelies, we can help you to sharpen your Wheel Skills to navigate tricky urban and trail environments better and increase your confidence and independence.

Sessions can be tailored to your current levels of fitness and capability. If you can move it, we can help you move it better!

What to Expect

  • Sessions tailored with you in mind!
  • Sharpen your wheel skills to navigate tricky environments.
  • If you can move it, we can help you move it better!

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NDIS Supported Programs Available

Find out how an Ascent Fitness Walking Program can fit most NDIS Plans.


How much time does it take?

Each session takes up to 60 minutes.

I have limited mobility. Can I still do a Wheelie Workout?
Yes, you can. If you have voluntary movement of any of your limbs, a Wheelie Workout can be tailored for you. If you are prepared to have a go, we can make a go of it!
I am pregnant, are Wheelie Workouts suitable for me?
Consult your GP and/or Ob/Gyn as to what activities are suitable for you, then let John know before your first session. Keep him updated as your pregnancy progresses.

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