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On April 6-7, 2019, an exciting walking challenge awaits!

The Great Lonnie Stomp is Launceston’s Ultramarathon Walk. From midnight on April 5th to midnight April 7, challenge yourself and your mates to walk as much of the Launceston Urban Fringe Trail (LUFT) as you can.

While you are doing it, you will be having a great challenge, a greater experience and you will be raising funds for a worthy charity as you go. The more of the LUFT you cover in 48 hours, the more you will raise for Guide Dogs Tasmania!

How to fundraise for the Great Lonnie Stomp (it’s really, really hard…not!)

  1. Register here
  2. Walk as much of the LUFT as you can. You can start anywhere along the LUFT. Start and stop multiple times over the weekend. Walk 1 kilometre or 100. It’s entirely up to you. Or register a team and divide up the kilometres between each team member.
  3. Report your distance covered during the great Lonnie Stomp (we’ll email you a reminder after it’s all over)
  4. Step four is…there is no step four! We take care of the rest. Your contribution will be sent to Guide Dogs Tasmania. The amount donated will be 20 cents per kilometre per person plus 100% of any dog registration fees.

How does the Great Lonnie Stomp differ?

The Great Lonnie Stomp differs from most other fundraising events you’ve seen before – when you register for the Great Lonnie Stomp, all of your fundraising work for Guide Dogs Australia is done! Ascent Fitness looks after that for you.
No hassling or hustling friends and family for money. Just register, turn up, walk and remember to report back the number of kilometres you have walked. It’s that easy.

The more people and dogs who walk, the more we will be able to raise for the Guide Dogs! We have kept the dog registration fee at a flat rate, so that dogs aren’t overwalked. We are also grateful to the Mowbray Vet Clinic who will be on-call the entire 48 hours if needed.

Want to see the LUFT before the event?

To prepare best for The Great Lonnie Stomp, what better way than to undertake a training program over four weekends, designed and led by John from Ascent Fitness? After all, he designed the LUFT!  The Great Lonnie Stomp Prep Program steps out from March 2nd, 2019.

More Information

Read our FAQs at the bottom of this page. You can also visit the Great Lonnie Stomp event page on Facebook here to see the latest updates.

For more information, contact John Ralph at Ascent Fitness.

Register Today!

Register below. The cost of registration is $70 per person. Dog registrations will be $10 each. We welcome teams and individuals. Companion card holders and guides or carers also welcome.



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The Launceston Urban Fringe Trail (the LUFT) is a fully-connected pedestrian circuit that makes its way around the edge of greater Launceston.  Designed by John at Ascent Fitness, the LUFT is gaining recognition as a versatile exercise option for all ages and abilites.  And, through the Great Lonnie Stomp, the LUFT is a fantastic Fundraiser for Guide Dogs Tasmania (TBC)

  LOCATION: Launceston

  DURATION: 49 hours

  DISTANCE: As much as you can cover in the LUFT 100km circuit

There is no set start or finish line. You can start and finish at any point along the LUFT.

  SCHEDULE: Midnight April 5 to Midnight April 7, 2019

But you don’t have to start at midnight. You can start, stop or restart anytime over the weekend. Do a few hours on Saturday and a few on Sunday, or walk non-stop. It’s up to you!  

  TRAIL: Urban

Register to receive the official LUFT map and a digital version that can be read by GPX map reading mobile apps.

  GROUP SIZE: No limit. Everyone welcome!

The Great Lonnie Stomp is for everyone of all ages and fitness levels. We welcome walkers, runners, cyclists, individuals, corporate groups, associations, sports teams, families, Companion Card holders, carers and guides. You can even register your dog!


Enquire for more details or register below.


The information pack for Great Lonnie Stomp has detailed information, important dates, different sections of the walk and everything related to the registration & payment details.

Contact us below to request the information pack. Please note, you will only receive the official LUFT map and digital version of the map for GPX map-reading apps, once you have registered. 


The best way to prepare for the 100km in 48-hour challenge that is the Great Lonnie Stomp is to walk the entire circuit!

Over four weekends, the program will cover the entire 100km Launceston Urban Fringe Trail course and have a personal knowledge of where the course goes – and how you will best tackle it at the Great Lonnie Stomp.


From Midnight on April 5th 2019, your virtual starter’s gun has gone off!  But you can start at any time and at any place on the LUFT.  You can start and stop as often as you like. You can do which parts of the course you want to and miss the bits you don’t. The only condition is that the distance is only counted to your total across a part of the LUFT once.


At Midnight on April 7th, the Great Lonnie Stomp is all over!  Then, email us your total distance or message us via Facebook Messenger  to register your distance covered.


We’ll put your distance against your registration and tally up your donation from how far you walked.  The further you go, the more of your registration fee is donated.

REGISTER FOR THE GREAT LONNIE STOMP TODAY! (Sorry, 2019 registrations are now closed)

What are you waiting for? Let’s kick things off and start warming up!

Make your selection and fill in the form on the following page. We will send out an info pack, with maps and directions, mobile app suggestions and other important information you will need. Remember you can start from any place, at any time. 

If you are walking as a team, we recommend the team leader filling in the form for the group, putting your team name where it asks for company name. Please detail each person walking with you and their email address so that we can send them an info pack. There will be an option to detail each registrant at the end of the form. Any questions or problems, please contact us via live chat below, or text John on 0409 412 590.  

Thank you for helping us support Guide Dogs Tasmania. We look forward to seeing you during the Great Lonnie Stomp!

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Fun facts about the LUFT
    • To drive around all of the way markers on the LUFT accessible by road is 125km and over 1,880m. By comparison, the LUFT is 102km and only 1,600m in elevation. This proves that it is far more efficient to walk around Launceston than drive!
    • The walking record for completing the LUFT non-stop is 22:48:22, held by four walkers equally from Ascent Fitness (Ian Hunter, Karen Lovell, Tracey Orr, and John Ralph).
    • There are similar walks to the LUFT (Launceston Urban Fringe Trail) around the world! The Great Glen Way in Scotland, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Australian Epic Alpine Trail in Australia, just to name a few.
    • The LUFT has over 1,600 metres of elevation over the course of 102km! That’s like covering 102km and then walking up Tasmania’s highest peak – Mt Ossa – from sea level.
    • The highest urban point on the LUFT is 220m above sea level – in Zenith Court, Blackstone Heights.
    • The 8.4km section from Dalrymple St, Summerhill to Rowsphorn Road, Riverside is the physically most demanding section of the LUFT! It includes Rowsphorn Road, the Powerline Track, and the Penstock Ladder.
    • Do you like variety in your walks? Then you will love the LUFT as is exists of 26 trails! It includes Alexandra Walk, Duck Reach Trail, Dalrymple Street Trail, Glenwood Trail, Kings Park Trail, Lambert Street Park, Leeander Crescent Park, Mowbray Flood Levee Trail, North Bank Trail, Penstock Ladder, Pioneer Parade Reserve, and many more! 
How long does it take?

You will have 48 hours from midnight on April 5th, 2019, to complete as much of the Launceston Urban Fringe Trail as you can.  

Where do I start the course?

There is no start point.  Simply step on at any point of the Launceston Urban Fringe Trail and you are on your way!

Do I have to start at midnight on April 5th?

No.  You can start at any time in the 48-hour window.

Once I start, can I stop and restart?

Yes.  You can stop as many times as you want.

Do I have to do the course continuously?

No.  You can miss any parts you do not want to do.

Can I repeat any parts of the course and count it towards my distance tally?

No.  You can only count any section of the course once.

Can I complete the course as part of a team?

Yes.  When you report your tally, state how many people were in your team and what distance was covered by each team member.

How do I report my distance?

Email your tally to you are unable to measure your distance, email through the sections that you completed and your distance will be calculated.

Will there be support on the course?

No. All participants need to self-sufficient. In practice, this can be in the form of a support vehicle. 

Is there phone coverage on the entire course?

There is, if you have a Telstra SIM. Typically, mobile phone coverage is poorest along Ecclestone Road and New Ecclestone Road.

Where can I get more information?

Visit The Great Lonnie Fitness Challenge page and download the information pack.

I had an injury, can I still join?

You certainly can!  Any advice from your GP or Physio is always helpful. If you’re not sure where your fitness levels are at, contact John from Ascent Fitness and make a booking for a 1-on-1 walking fitness test.

I am pregnant. Is this walk suitable for me?

Generally, walking is OK during pregnancy.  However, participate in the Great Lonnie Stomp only on the advice of your GP or obstetrician.



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