Body Balance

Balance, Grip Strength and Agility

Individual Support

Be in control of your own progress

Do heights freak you out a bit?

Would you feel happier with more Balance, Grip Strength, Agility and Confidence at Heights?

If you’re nodding right now, then Body Balance is the exercise experience for you.

Combining years of Coaching, Teaching and Mountaineering with the analysis of Biomechanics that a Sport Science degree provides, Body Balance is a program developed by Dr John Ralph to help progress you through gently, and at your own pace, to more body capability.

During each 30-minute session, you are in total control. You go through each of the levels as far as you want to and you stop when you need to. There’s no coersion, no insistence. Just support. demonstration and guidance.

If you’d like to be more active with your kids or grandkids, Body Balance is a program that targets your mind and body’s ability to be involved!

What to Expect

  • No Coercion. No Insistence. Just Support!
  • Grow more active to keep up with the kids and grandkids.
  • Your program, backed by science and biomechanics.

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In growing stronger with our Body Balance Sessions


How much time does it take?
Sessions are between 30 and 60 minutes depending on activity.
I had an injury, can I still join?
You can. Body Balance begins at a very low level of intensity and we work up from there. If you have an injury, advice from your GP or Physio is always welcome.
I am pregnant, is this activity suitable for me?
Consult your GP and/or Ob/Gyn as to what activities are suitable for you, then let John know before your first session. Keep him updated as your pregnancy progresses.

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