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From its foundation in 1806, Launceston, settled at the convergence of three rivers, was a trading port. Arriving at the northeastern coastline of Tasmania at Low Head, ships would pick up a pilot and sail the final 70km along kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary to Launceston’s ports.

From 1835, a series of semaphore towers along the Tamar Valley relayed the approach of ships through to Launceston. With surprising speed, large amounts of information could be communicated ahead of the ship regarding its cargo, its passengers, and even the health of those on board.

The four Tamar Valley semaphore towers, located at Windmill Hill, Mt Direction, Mt George and Low Head, have been restored and Ascent Fitness has developed a great day out visiting each.

Combining fitness, fun and a few facts, this day out adds some extra hills into a guided walk/self-drive combination. Starting in Launceston, the day starts off with a spirited climb from near the North Esk River to the Windmill Hill Semaphore Tower and return (2km).


After a brief stop at the site of the former Queens Wharf in Launceston, we travel 26km north along the East Tamar Highway to the Mt Direction car park. A 2km walk to the semaphore tower on top of Mt Direction commences. The summit once had a population of 30 and ruins of a substantial stone dwelling and a well remain which, along with a large beehive cairn, encourage walkers to ponder what life might have been like there.

Upon returning from Mt Direction, our next stop is Mt George, 25km further north. Although the car park is situated near the semaphore tower on Mt George, this tour puts fitness first and we’ll be walking 1.5km up to the semaphore tower! On a clear day, the views across the mouth of kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary are superb.

The final driving leg of 11km takes us to the end point at Low Head. Leaving enough vehicles there, we drive 8.5km south to York Cove to commence the final walking section of the day. The delightful kanamaluka trail follows the coastline through to Low Head. 2km along the way, we’ll stop for lunch (BYO picnic by the water or order a meal at one of the local cafes), then complete the final 8km at Low Head Lighthouse.

Hopping into the waiting cars, we’ll return to York Cove to pick up cars before returning to Launceston.

What to Expect

  • Fitness, fun and a few facts!
  • At $95/adult and $15/child, the price for this 8-hour 4-part walking tour is kept low by being self-drive.
  • To maximise accessibility, the walking distance for the day can be reduced from 18km to as low as 4km.

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How much time does it take?

From stepping off in Launceston, to completing to being back in your car and returning from George Town, allow 8 hours.

How are the participants transported?

The participants are asked to assist with transportation during the 5 Trigs. Prior to the session, vehicles are left at the end point. The group completes the session and are driven back to the start point. Each session commences where the previous session ended.

I had an injury, can I still join?

You certainly can!  Any advice from your GP or Physio is always helpful. If you’re not sure where your fitness levels are at, contact John from Ascent Fitness and make a booking for a 1-on-1 walking fitness test.  The day experience is also highly flexible as to how much you walk. Talk to John before the day if you’re considering an abridged walking program.

I am pregnant. Is this walk suitable for me?
Generally, walking is OK during pregnancy.  However, we ask that you come with specific advice from your GP or Obstetrician on what is appropriate for you.

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